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Because we believe in the incredible capacity of people to develop their potentials, we have built a comprehensive development program for our clients and our candidates adapted to the different challenges they can face.

Our 3 steps process

  1. Understanding your needs –  Thanks to assesment programs we can build a diagnosis which allows us to tailor our offer to your development needs
  2. Implementing our solutions – Together with you we tailor a program adapting the timing and format from punctual training workshops, to team buildings and long term individual coaching
  3. Following up – we will provide post training feedbacks and always ensure the impact of our tools through  coaching or workshops follow up

Why invest on personal development?

  • Enhancing your natural leadership skills
  • Adapting your management style with your company growth
  • Engaging your team to your vision to build trust and productivity
  • Developing your empathy and influence to better impact your organisation
  • Growing your communication skills
  • Boosting individual and team performance for higher results and motivation 

Our trainings

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence – get insights on the diversity in your team
  • Active listening – develop your listening skills to empower, influence and drive your team
  • Interviewing techniques – develop your questioning techniques for successful recruitments and team appraisals
  • Communication tools – improve the way you communicate
  • to have more impact on your organisation and on your team
  • Commercial trainings – get your team to improve their self confidence and boost their sales performance
  • The Secret of high state perfomance in relationships – create high state performance, your team will have more choices to connect quicker, influence organisations in an ethical way to transform ideas into results

Ever wanted a personal coach?

Executive and Career Coaching

Have you ever thought of having an external person to your company to develop yourself and guide you in your career choices? 

You need support on how to have more impact with your cv? You want to better pitch yourself in an interview?

In addition to our consulting and training offer we can dedicate time to coaching our clients and candidates individually and on the long term.