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Productivity and competitivity today is no longer a matter of resources but of people’s engagement in your company. Recruitment is the starting point of a successful collaboration. The way you start your adventure with a new team member or a new company will influence the rest of your career and success. We believe Recruiting is a fantastic  opportunity for companies to build their vision, communicate, access market information, benchmark the competition, re-think their organisations.

Our Approach to Recruitment

  • Combining strong operational expertise in Financial Services, Finance and HR, assessing both candidates hard and soft skills
  • Acting as a Business Partner, helping clients formulating their needs, attracting the best talents, and giving them market visibility

Getting to know our clients

  • Meeting our clients face to face in their offices to understand their environment
  • Profiling line managers and teams dynamics using assessment tools
  • Understanding our clients values and vision
  • Defining the right profile for the role they wish to fill or create as well as the role’s responsibilities and dimension

Attracting talents

  • Using latest sourcing tools, web advertising and social media platforms to address the widest and most relevant talent pool, both locally and internationally
  • Head-hunting via social media, consultants professional network and recommendations
  • Partnering with outplacement companies
  • Improving our clients’employer branding

Getting to know our candidates

  • Face-to-face interviews with experienced consultants
  • Competency base interviews
  • Certified assessments to assess their personality and motivational drivers
  • Cross-check professional references

Facilitating the hiring process

  • Providing full candidate profile to the line managers
  • Organising candidate interviews
  • Assisting to interviews 
  • Offer management-identifying potential deal-breakers
  • Relocation advice to international candidates


  • Giving concrete tools to the hiring managers to better integrate their new team member
  • Monthly follow up with clients and new hires during 4 to 6 months according to the needs

Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we missed